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Karaoke in Virginia
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Date:2005-06-13 04:21
Subject:Karaoke CDs

i'm looking to get a karaoke CD made with the songs that i want on it...
i guess a custom made CD?

Can anyone recommend a good site either on the web or otherwise?
Much appreciated!

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Date:2005-06-08 17:38
Subject:Little Red Riding Hood?

Hey, all! I used to host karaoke once a week in Seattle until I moved to San Francisco. Anyway, I am looking for the .mp3 (lyrics are unnecessary) of "Little Red Riding Hood" (usually by Sam the Sham & the Pharaos). I need it via email by tomorrow afternoon for a singing burlesque performance tomorrow night. Otherwise, I will just dance to the bettyx version I have on CD.

Interested in trading? These are the songs I have (all CDG!): http://www.josienutter.com/multimedia/karaoke


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Date:2004-04-26 12:17
Subject:Welcome Message v1.0
Mood: excited

Welcome one and all to the home for Karaoke in Virginia. My name is Conundrum82, and I'll be you moderator for this fantastic voyage....lol. This community was founded to help all of us virginians, and anyone who wants to visit our great state, find friends who love and bars that have karaoke. Also, support for DJ's looking for new gigs, singers who want to find that perfect song, and just overall karaoke talk. So run, do not walk, to the join now option and we'll see you on the inside, and at a bar near you.

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